Evolution Garden – Singapore

"Cradle closely what keeps you closer to your soul." – Jaiya John

Holding dear and close, the treasured ways that foster & support life – cultivating ease, joy, relaxation – well-beingness:
Through making art, music, dance, joy, beauty.

Our shared leadership in this revolution is one of creation, of amplifying Beauty, as a healing force of Love ♥️

Located at the heart of the city, Singapores UNESCO Heritage Site Botanical Gardens wows us with an incredulous section named "Evolution Garden".

With magnificent Tree Ferns & Cycads, impressive rock formations, petrified trees with smooth crystal like cores, trees with bark, looking like dragon scales.

This garden resembles a period in time of the evolution of this planet between 65 to 490 millions years ago, namely the 2 ages - the Age of the Cycads (the Permian) and the Age of the rise of the Ferns (the Devonian).

It is basically a time travel path back into ancient times setting the stage to inspire us to create more magic and beauty once again.

Magic on Earth, everywhere we are, sharing grand beauty & blessings of a New Dragon Year to all!
Enjoy this nourishment.

In love and service,

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