Montha Than Waterfall

"She is the greatest painter, the most wondrous masterpiece, the wildest muse, the ultimate alchemist.
Mother, Great Mother Spirit of Life, boundless love:
Thank you for the beauty, nourishment and unconditional love you provide me, us Being You.
I sing and dance & celebrate your living art, I rest, return to and receive through your grace, in every pause, every moment, NOW.
I adore you, I DO! I am grateful to reflect & rejuvenate your wonders, in all that I am, Being and Becoming, now and allways, in service to the blueprint of your magic, awakening in all.


The last waterfall we visited in Chiangmai before we left Thailand was this exquisite beauty - the living breathing healing art and powers of the waters, stones and trees here, created such transmutational moments - from busyness to stillness, flowing like the waters, we became, experiencing a deep sense of homecoming we were enthralled, enfolded in Her Beauty.

May this creation, beauty serve honeyed nourishment into your waters, sweet friends, blessings of peace, joy, harmony and love.

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