Todo es Sagrado

Todo es Sagrado - All is Sacred
All Beings on Earth are Sacred
Original Song by Purnima Melissa

On a Saturday overcast summer morning, we venture out to this park Museum Island Hombroich near Dusseldof, Germany amidst a weekend visit with Axel’s family. The wizard’s family, meeting the witch in the flesh for the first time. As children of creation, with creativity & beauty as our nourishment, 

we walked in and around the rich lush greens, embraced by the healing nourishment of being cradled by and in nature, appreciating art, installations, architecture, and Mother Nature, herself.

The natural, raw & rich acoustics in this chamber, art space enchants and invites us to make some art with our hearts, in and with it, offering some sweet melodies to circulate into the ethers, giving thanks for the reminders that serve us in our dreaming:  

that this life is sacred, all things and beings are divine, expressing joy and wonderment in the simplest of things, provides us with the nectar of fulfilment & enjoyment.

May the power of beauty continued to be embraced, as a living force of healing. 
May we follow the heart that knows, and show us the way, to more loving, beauty.

(Special Thank you to Mama Axel, Helga for gatekeeping as this recording was made ❤) 

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