Warrior Woman Chant

By Leeliu
(original Ojibwe Indigenous Warrior Woman Chant)

„At the end, as at the beginning, stands the archetypal power of the Divine Feminine — the goddess. She is our future as she was our past. With her drum in hand, playing her sacramental rhythms, women can once again take their place in the world as technicians of the sacred. In the pulse of my drum, in the beat of my heart, I erect an alter to her forever.”

― Layne Redmond,  When The Drummers Were Women: A Spiritual History of Rhythm

This chant entered Leeliu's stream of consciousness in 2016 in the Redwoods along the Medocino Coast, shared by 2 drum making leaders, sisters, sacred women, in circle and song, at a 5 day and night powerful women's gathering, circling with over 600 other women, and children - which transformed and changed her path, visions & dreaming - waking her feminine body, to walk on a path of loving Earth stewardship in all she does and offers - she has since carried this chant in her womb, sharing in circles and prayers, the power and presence of Shakti, of Gaia, of Mother, of woman, and of life.

Walking in beauty and prayer, living life as a ceremonial blessing, continues to inform and shape Leeliu & Axel's life in their sacred union and adventures, creating traces of divinity through our sacred arts, serving the world in wondrous beauty.

The foundation of our creations are grounded from the passion of bridging and uniting peoples in the infinite wisdom of the heart, in harmony, in unity, in peace, and beauty, reigniting the remembrance of the magic, and wonders of this planet Earth we call home, which is already here. And to remind ourselves & each other, that bringing a heavenly experience into life, is in our personal choice and power, to visualise, dream, and create.

What a blessing to weave and dream with the Beloved - we are so grateful that life has carried us back to each other's arms in this life - so much has changed since we first met physically in the flesh in 2019, we are both more expanded and ignited in our spirits, bodies and hearts, because of the love we share with each other.

As we continue to walk and trail this Earth beautifully, awake, for LOVE, for LIFE, for beauty, we welcome you to continue weaving with us.

May this creation gift bless all of life, in sacred reciprocity.

May this love continue to flourish in overflow in all ways.

May more dreams of ancient and new, wondrous & wild, birth through this sacred portal of Traces of Beauty, bringing more souls home, in togetherness and LOVE.

In love we trust, for love we act, as love we create.

For all our relations.

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